2 boys facing child pornography charges over sexting

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Two teenage boys have been charged with possession of child pornography after a ‘sexting’ investigation at a Barrington middle school. Police say some of that ‘pornography’ featured their fellow students.

The 14-year-old boys were charged and released. But teachers and parents the Barrington Middle School Station campus are working through it. In fact, they’re teaming up to help their kids understand technology, sexuality and consequences.

Parents gathered in the school library to talk to staff, each other and reporters tonight about the texts everyone’s talking about. The texts were sent by the two male and were graphic pictures and video that in some cases featured other middle schoolers.

Police do not expect more students to be charged. The school is already planning events with parents this month to help them steer their children away from ‘sexting’ and keep an eye on what they do on-line.


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