CHICAGO — Newly-elected council members for the Chicago Police Department’s 19th District held their first meeting today, and used part of their time to address violence that happened over Memorial Day weekend in the area.

“I’m sure many of you are here because of the news of shootings that have taken place in a few blocks span,” said 19th District council member Sam Schoenberg. “There have been 5 people shot over the last week.”

The shootings happened over a span of a few days in the Lakeview neighborhood, which is a part of CPD’s 19th District.

The shooting that sparked the conversation was a triple shooting that happened in the 600 block of West Barry Avenue early Sunday morning.

Two other shootings that happened in the area include one in the 500 block of West Surf Street where police said a man was shot and killed, and another in the 500 block of West Melrose Street, where police said a person was injured after someone walked up to them and started shooting.

“We still have a very safe neighborhood,” said 44th Ward Ald. Bennett Lawson. “These incidents don’t appear to be necessarily connected, or that our community is being targeted specifically. So, we want people to be able to go about their day and we want them to be vigilant.”

Council members at the meeting Tuesday said all comments from the public will be taken into consideration as they prepare possible solutions come their next meeting on June 27.