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More than two dozen new lawsuit have been filed against Munster Medical Research Foundation, Inc. doing business as The Community Hospital and three cardiologists, accusing them of performing unnecessary heart procedures.

Malpractice attorneys say this has been going on for more than a decade.

Cardiologists named in the lawsuits allegedly implanted unnecessary pacemakers, performed unnecessary open-heart surgeries, angiogram, cardiac defibrillator implants and even a wrongful death case.

During a press conference Tuesday in Munster, Indiana, malpractice attorneys told reporters they have filed a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General, accusing Dr. Arvind Gandhi of Cardiology Associates of Northwest Indiana, of performing unnecessary surgeries and then allegedly altering medical records to make it appear as though the surgeries were proper.

No response yet from Dr. Gandhi, Dr. Satyaprakash Makam or Dr. Wail Asfour who are also named as defendants.

In a written statement, a spokesperson for Community Hospital said it is not the facility’s policy to comment on allegations made in lawsuits.