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CHICAGO — Officials are trying to determine how dozens of former Chicago Public Schools employees, on CPS’s permanent “Do Not Hire” or “DNH” list, were rehired in charter and contract schools.

On Tuesday, the Inspector General issued a report stating that 163 “DNH” employees were found working at charter and contract schools.

These teachers were barred from CPS for a number of reasons including theft, falsifying documents and mismanagement of funds.

The list also included three employees found who were designated as DNHs by CPS for sexual abuse. Those employees are no longer working at those schools, according to the IG report.

Twenty-two former employees, who were barred for improper corporal punishment or physical abuse of students, were found working in charter and contract schools.

Two of these employees had been put in positions with increased disciplinary responsibilities.

Ninety-eight of the 163 unidentified former CPS employees are teachers.

The charter and contract schools who hired these employees claim they had no knowledge the employees were designated as “DNH.”

They explained there is no system in place to track which employees have been barred from CPS.

The Chicago Board of Education is developing a plan to combat the issue.