14-year-old should not have been executed for murder, judge says

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A South Carolina judge exonerated a 14-year-old boy who was convicted of murder and executed by the state 70 years ago.

According to WISTV, George Stinney of Alcolu, S.C., was convicted of beating Mary Emma Thames and Betty June Binnicker to death in 1944.

He was executed by electric chair. The teen was so small that he had to sit on a phone book to be executed by the chair.

Circuit Court Judge Carmen Mullen’s ruling effectively clears Stinney’s name.

“Given the particularized circumstances of Stinney’s case, I find by a preponderance of the evidence standard, that a violation of the Defendant’s procedural due process rights tainted his prosecution,” Mullen said in the ruling.

Stinney’s family had been trying to get the case re-opened for years because they believed Stinney was forced into confession by police.

The relatives of the murder victims were not happy about the news.

WISTV reports that attorneys don’t believe the true murderer will ever be caught.


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