13-year-old hip-hop dancer and 97-year-old tap dancer to compete in dance-off


CHICAGO — It’s a battle of the generations, for the generations, all for a good cause. 

Nate Buescher, 13, and Gertrude Soloway, 97, are competing in a virtual dance contest and fundraiser for the Honeycomb Project. Nate and his family are volunteers.

“Thousands of families have been stepping up over the last few months to deliver home cooked meals during this time,” Kristina Lowenstein, the Honeycomb Project, said. 

The and the 97-year-old tap dancer prefers Shirley Temple over Yung Joc. Meanwhile Nate is more of a hip-hop fan.

After having a stroke last year, Gertrude told her daughters that she could tap dance. So, they bought her some shoes.

The two are the finalists of the organization’s talent competition. It’s all part of the group’s way to raise money and raise awareness for all the events they do throughout the year.

The dance-off for the Honeycomb Project is Friday night at 7 p.m. To watch it live, visit superstar.thehoneycombproject.org/live.


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