10-week-old puppy worth $3,000 stolen from pet shop in Joliet

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JOLIET, Ill. — A 10-week- old Shih Tzu worth $3,000 was stolen from a nursery themed pet store in Joliet.

The puppy was stolen from the Furry Babies pet store, located at 3340 Mall Loop Drive, around 7:51 p.m. Wednesday while the store was extremely busy.

The stores surveillance video shows a man with a blue knitted hat and a woman walking up to the puppy’s crib. The man then bends over and grabs the puppy from the crib and places it under his coat.

The pet store shared photos and video of the two people suspected of stealing the puppy on their Furry Babies Joliet’s Facebook page. They are asking for the public’s help to find the stolen dog.

“Her health & safety is our number one priority. We will prosecute to the full extent of the law!!,” wrote Furry Babies Joliet in a Facebook post. The store has also said the store is offering a cash reward for her safe return.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Joliet police or Furry Babies pet store at (815) 577-9800.

Furry Babies pet store specializes in pure bred and designer puppies.



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