Midday Fix: Chicago Hot Dog Scotch Egg, prepared by Top Chef Michael Voltaggio and details about Dewar’s at the Pitchfork Music Festival

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Chef Michael Voltaggio



Pitchfork Music Festival
July 14-16
Union Park
1501 W. Randolph

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Chicago Hot Dog Scotch Egg

12 whole eggs

2 cups egg wash for standard breading procedure

4 cups flour for standard breading procedure

4 liters (1 gallon) canola oil for frying

¼ lb. petite mustard frill (small mustard greens)

¼ cup sliced dill pickles

Poppy seed bread crumbs (5 parts panko: 1 part poppy seed)

Mustard garnish

Hot Dog Mixture (see below*)

Green Tomato Jam (see below**)

Hot Dog Mixture:

¼ lb. beef hot dog chopped

¼ lb. ground beef

½ each egg

75 grams cream (5 T)

Tt salt and pepper

Method for assembling Chicago Hot Dog Scotch Egg:

–       Place eggs into a metal pasta or fryer basket

–       Bring a large pot of water to boil. Once water boils, add eggs and cook for 6 minutes in the boiling water. After 6 minutes, remove eggs, plunge into ice water, until read to peel.

–       In a food processor, pulse panko. Set up a standard breading procedure. Flour, egg, wash, Panko mix.

–       Scoop 12 each 1.25 oz. scoops of the hot dog mixture onto a cookie tray lined with parchment paper.

–       With wet hands, press each scoop until flat. Using a spoon, make a dent large enough that the egg can rest in it. Brush each dent with egg wash, so it will stick to the egg when fried.

–       Place 1 egg onto each sausage patty. Make 12 additional 1.25 oz. scoops of the mix. Press them on a separate tray. Lightly brush each one with egg wash.

–       Carefully pick each one up and place on top of each egg with the egg washed side touching the egg. Keep a small container of water near to dip your hands, which keeps the meat from sticking.

–       Carefully shape each egg/sausage package into a tight, egg shaped meatball.

–       Place each one back on the tray and refrigerate until ready to apply breading.

–       Set up standard breading procedure – 1 pan of flour, 1 pan of egg wash, 1 pan of poppy-seed bread crumbs.

–       Dip each egg one at a time in the flour, then egg wash, then bread mixture, then back into the egg wash then back into the bread mixture.

Repeat this until all eggs are evenly and uniformly coated. Reserve until ready to fry.

–       Heat canola oil in a fryer to 350*f.

–       Fry each coated egg until golden brown. Place the fried eggs on a cookie tray that has a meat rack on it. Once all eggs are fired and crispy, bake them in a 350* oven for about 5 minutes.

–       Remove from oven, using a serrated knife, carefully cutting each one in half.

To plate and garnish:

–       Place a dollop of green tomato jam in the center of a plate. Place a half of the Chicago Scotch Egg on top and cover yolk with mustard and garnish with sliced dill pickles and mustard frill.

Green Tomato Jam:

52 ½ oz. (about 6 ½ cups) peeled/seeded green tomatoes

5 ¼ oz. (about 10 ½ T) white onion (diced small)

5 ¼ oz. (about 10 ½ T) sugar

10 ½ oz. champagne vinegar


–       Cut green tomatoes on the bottom with an X and blanch in boiling water for 7 minutes and shock in ice water. Remove skins and then cut horizontally and remove all seeds from inside. Medium dice the green tomatoes. Store for later.

–       Sweat onions then deglaze with champagne vinegar

–       Add sugar and tomatoes and cook down on low heat to not scorch the bottom till all moisture is gone and the jam pulls away from bottom of pot. Approximately 5 hours.

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