Jim Gaffigan wears Hot Pocket costume made of balloons for epic duel

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Actor/Comedian Jim Gaffigan has been very busy acting in movies and traveling the world on a new comedy tour so he doesn’t get the chance to relax and have a little fun.

I thought it would be nice if he had the chance to play around and find a silly way to relieve some stress.

There’s only one person that I could think of that would be able to help make his day here at WGN Morning News even more special.

A very special surprise balloon duel with Mr. Smarty Pants did the trick.

I think.

(I guess I’ll know if Jim ever agrees to stop by the old number 9 again.)

Find out about Jim’s movies and his new comedy tour at jimgaffigan.com, and if you’re looking for an epic party entertainer, check out smartypantsworld.com.


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