What To Ask At Your Next Doctor's Appointment

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Dr. Jeffrey Sterling, author of "Behind the Curtain" and founder of SIMPCO — the nation’s first managed preventive care organization shares the top 10 questions to ask your doctor to empower yourself during an appointment or time the ER.


1. What preventive care services are right for me? (This is a great lead-in to a discussion on vaccines and screenings.)

2. Which internet resources can I trust for medical information? (There’s a big difference between you asking me about something you found on the net and you asking me where you can go for good information on the net.)

3. Why am I taking/receiving this medicine? (Blind trust is much less important than informed empowerment.)

4. How do sleep and stress impact my health? (Two rarely discussed but really important topics)

5. How do you (the physician) protect your own health? (Lots to learn here)

6. Do I (or my child) really need an antibiotic? (If only this level of insight and trust existed)

7. I’m really afraid about this? How concerned should I be? (Address your fears)

8. Can we discuss my wishes for end-of-life care?

9. When do I need to be seen again and what would make it necessary earlier? (Good way to reduce fear and have clarity)

10. What should I do if I think I need to go to the emergency room for something? (Understanding options for emergency doctor visits, call centers and 911)



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