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Sports Anchor Pat Tomasulo is celebrating 12 years with WGN Morning News — and the station marked the momentous occasion with a “celebratory roast.”

Tomasulo is very thankful and humbled by the entire event — until a surprise guest takes the stage. Tom ‘Freakin’ Skilling.

Skilling shows no mercy for Tomasulo, at one point telling him, “Your voice sounds like Gilbert Gottfried as if he had clothes pins stuck to his nipples!”

What started as a friendly roast, ended with a war of words — and the entire thing is HILARIOUS.

Watch the hilarious video in the player above

You may remember the first time Skilling “flipped out” on Tomasulo.

Years ago, Tomasulo did a funny bit about the ownership deal involving Sam Zell and the Tribune Company.

And in the end, Skilling steals the show: