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CHICAGO — Chicago area residents woke up to a blanket of snow, meaning their cars needed to be cleared off before heading on the road. However, not everyone clears their vehicle off completely making it a safety risk.

One news reporter had really strong feelings about people who don’t properly clean their car.

WGN’s Erik Runge was reporting in Mount Greenwood early Wednesday morning after snow hit the area. He said several people came out to scrape off the snow. While most residents cleaned their cars completely, Runge said some people just did the dreaded square by the driver’s seat — something officials have said is dangerous.

“Don’t be that guy,” Runge said. “That’s so dangerous. I don’t understand that at all. It just really aggravates me. It’s just stupid. It drives me nuts.”

Coincidentally, right in the middle of his rant, what shows up? A snow covered SUV driving nearby whose driver did exactly what Runge was talking about.

“There’s another one right now,” Runge said. “This guy, right here!”

A few minutes later, Runge went up to the driver and offered to clean the snow for him. The best part? It only took him about 10 seconds.

Transportation officials say it’s important to take the time to completely clean off the snow from your car — including brushing off the headlights — and not just a small window for the driver. Leaving snow on top of your vehicle and on your windshield is dangerous not just for the person driving but for other drivers who can be hit with flying snow from your vehicle.