CHICAGO — There are some people who are very set in their ways when it comes to the side of the bed they sleep on.

But a recent viral TikTok seemed to suggest the opposite when it came to her husband, and it caused plenty of reaction.

So what does a relationship expert say about what’s better for a relationship: Have a set side of the bed to sleep on or better to switch it up?

We discussed that on Friday’s “9@9” on WGN Morning News as the hosts gave their thoughts on this bed controversy.

Along with that, we also discussed nursery rhymes, the best retirement country, wearing white after Labor Day, a way to get a passport faster, and a the showing of a memorable Seinfeld segment that we showed based on a Paul Knorad rant, and more.

You can watch the entire “9@9” from the August 18 morning news in the video above.

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