CHICAGO — It’s that time of year to celebrate the girth of one of the biggest creatures in nature before they take a long nap.

That’s because it’s “Fat Bear Week”!

It’s a contest being held by the National Park Service at Katmai National Park & Preserve to see which bear is the biggest before hibernation. This is actually a good thing since bears won’t be eating for the next few months while taking their long winter nap.

That is just one of the things that we discussed on the “9@9” on Tuesday’s WGN Morning News as the host talked about their excitement for “Fat Bear Week.”

We also talked about a Ryder Cup celebration, trapdoor spiders, an evil hack, an ostrich vs. emu, air hockey, and more during the segment.

You can watch this edition of the “9@9” on the October 3 WGN Morning News in the video above.

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