CHICAGO — It’s an unfortunate part of dating, but it does happen quite often in texting, social media world we live in

You’ll go on a date and then not here from that person again, AKA “ghosting.”

Sometimes it can be a painful way to know you’ve been rejected, so there is a thought that something a little different could be better.

This is “anti-ghosting.”

The hosts of WGN Morning News talked about that on Monday in the “9@9″as they gave their thoughts on this way to let someone know you’re not interested.

Along with that, we also discussed Vermont leaves, Bun Bang Fai, “Gilmore Girls Fall,” Hot Pants, the Burger King credit card revolution, and more during the segment.

You can watch the entire “9@9” from the September 25 WGN Morning News in the video above.

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