CHICAGO — Cozy cardio.

It’s a real thing. A content creator names Hope Zuckerbrow came up with the idea.

She starts by lighting a candle, turning on her favorite movie, making an iced protein coffee and settling in for the “workout” portion.

It’s a series of low impact, easy movements that make your body feel good. You can try walking on your treadmill, or stretching. If you’re into yoga, you can try that Or maybe riding a fitness bike at your own pace.

The idea is to “keep it cozy.” You don’t need full fitness gear, or a pricey, crowded gym. Just move your body.

Zuckerbrow says she wants people to get over their fear of exercise, by making it more comfortable for them.

Plus, the WGN Morning News crew discuss ancient grains, tipping and the Earth’s heartbeat.

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