Emilio Estevez brings the iconic film “The Way” back to theaters for one day only.

“It’s this 1000 year old pilgrimage across the North of Spain. It’s not just for Catholics or Christians. It’s for adventurers looking for what’s next in their life. And I think at t his point we’re all kind of, after the pandemic, we’re all setting the reset button,” says Estevez.

The reissue of the film includes a post screening conversation with Estevez, his father and star of the film Martin Sheen, and travel expert Rick Steves.

In Chicago, you can see the film May 16 at these theaters:

Regal City North IMAX & RPX

Regal Webster Place

AMC Dine In Rosemont 12

AMC Dine In Yorktown 18

AMC Ford City 14

AMC Niles 12

AMC Oakbrook Center 12

AMC Randhurst 12

Marcus Addison Cinema

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