The story behind this man’s viral Facebook post on growing up black in Naperville

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A Facebook post from a former Naperville resident has gone viral.

Brian Crooks and his family moved to the mostly-white suburb when he was in elementary school and his parents still live there. He wrote an essay on what it was like growing up black in Naperville.

In the essay, Crooks discusses racially insensitive comments from kids, teachers and coaches, as well as memorable incidents with the local police.

His post has been shared over 28,000 times on Facebook.

Crooks joined WGN Morning News via Skype Wednesday to discuss his viral post.

In his first ever TV appearance, he explained that many of his experiences are universal and common for many.

“Being asked by other kids if they can touch your hair or being called the ‘whitest black person’ that they know, those types of things are pretty common,” Crooks told WGN.

Being pulled over frequently in his hometown was not unusual for him either.

“I could not really count how many times it was, but it was always the same area in the city,” Crooks said.

After his essay gained attention on Facebook, Brooks received a call from the Naperville police chief. Crooks said they were able to have a conversation and discuss changes needed in the community.

In his Facebook post, he also addressed the meaning behind the “Black Lives Matter” campaign.

“It’s not saying that only Black Lives Matter or that Black Lives Matter more. What we are saying is that for the majority of American history, black lives have not mattered, or at least they have not mattered as much as white lives.”

Watch his interview with WGN Morning News in the video player above

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