Ramon Hervey II has curated and navigated the fame of some of Hollywood’s biggest names. In his new book, “The Fame Game: An Insider’s Playbook for Earning Your 15 Minutes” he shares his tips for getting to and handling a successful career in entertainment.

According to researchers, of the estimated 160,000 members in the Screen Actors Guild, 95 percent of all the work goes to just 5 percent of the members.

A Rolling Stone article from 2020 found that 90 percent of all digital streams go to the top 1 percent of artists.

As of July 2021, the estimated number of global social media users was 4.48 billion, which equates to 57 percent of the world population. But only 0.5 percent have 1 million followers.

Facebook averages 2.89 billion active users every month, but they only contribute to 45 percent of the influencers market.

To generate $100,000 influencers on TikTok need a minimum of ten thousand subscribers and over 270 million views a year.

So what can you do?

Some of his advice is

Be authentic and don’t let fame define your self worth.

Don’t self assess, the public dictates fame.

Don’t obsess about becoming famous, obsess to be your best.

Dream beyond the “glass ceiling.”