The most ridiculous returns attempted by Costco customers

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While Costco’s customers join the warehouse club to save money, sometimes they go a little too far. A post on reddit asked the retailer’s workers, “What’s the most outrageous item that was returned at Costco?” Here are some of our favorite responses:

One lady returned an empty bottle of wine, saying she drank the wine but it gave her a headache and she wanted her money back.  That’s called “a hangover.”


A man returned a Sony Boombox.  It was more than 10 years old but the guy still had his receipt.


A woman tried returning 13-year-old fish.  She said she forgot about it in her freezer. The employee wasn’t going to return it, but when the woman threatened to call corporate, he did.


Another man showed up with leftover parts of his steak. He had purchased the $200 vacuum-packed steak, ate all the meat, and returned a container full of bones and fat. He was reimbursed for his purchase.



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