Bruce McCulloch: Bravery and Stupidity Tour
Thalia Hall on March 14

Comedian, actor, writer and director Bruce McCulloch is one-fifth of the legendary comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall, whose absurdist sketches warped many a young mind throughout the ‘90s. In March, Bruce’s Bruce McCulloch: Bravery and Stupidity Tour, will stop in Chicago at the Thalia Hall and he joins us this morning…

In Tales of Bravery and Stupidity McCulloch’s method for post pandemic humor requires acknowledgement of just how little control we have over it all. 
Moving brilliantly between funny, relatable and surprisingly touching, Bruce uses music, stand-up, and storytelling to take us on a poetic flyover of his life.  Combining funny observations with his humanistic yearnings, Bruce looks at the bravely stupid things he’s done, and things we all do, as we try and make sense of our messy lives.