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The Loyola Ramblers are once again headed to the NCAA Tournament.

And while all of the attention may be focused on their most famous fan Sister Jean, there is a 13-year-old boy who is also there in spirit.

Marcellus Pound was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer in 2019. He was matched up with the Ramblers through Team Impact, the nonprofit therapeutic program that matches children battling serious illnesses with college athletic teams. The program helps children build confidence while providing emotional and social support.

Because of Covid, Marcellus couldn’t attend the practices and games in person. So the team got creative.

The Ramblers stays in contact with their honorary teammate through Zoom hang outs, group chats, Spotify playlists and a cardboard cut-out.. In spirit Marcellus travels to every game and his cut-out will be there in Indy. The team says his positivity keeps them moving forward.