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WGN-TV did something Wednesday night that (we think) has never been done on Chicago television ever before…

A military tank crushed not one, but TWO, WGN live trucks on live TV! It happened out at the DuPage County Fairgrounds during our Morning News Primetime Special.

There was a bit of a hiccup when the tank got stuck, but fans of our Morning Show probably expect nothing less from us.

WGN Entertainment Critic Dean Richards, who was reporting live from the scene, even got to ride in the tank (although not during the truck-crushing.)

During our “I Want Your Text” segment at the end of the Primetime Special, we received this one from a “concerned” WGN viewer: “Wheaton moms are going nuts with all the helicopters in the area: ‘Is it a man hunt? Is there a bad accident or fire?’ Nope. A tank smashing stuff at the fairgrounds.”