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As the school year begins, a YouTube video written and directed by a St. Charles 7th-grader is drawing new attention to a big problem — bullying.

It has over 266,000 views since being posted just one week ago.

Jonah Maxwell, 12, says he wrote the script and came up the concept for the video about seven months ago.

He’s had friends who’ve been bullied, and even had an experience with it himself in elementary school.

Jonah says that nowadays, bullying lasts much longer than just a couple hours at school – all thanks to social media.

“My dad told me when he was a kid, bullying would stop at 3:30 every day after school. I told him it’s not like that anymore – they can get you 24/7,” Jonah said.

Jonah and his dad, Dave, joined WGN Morning News Monday to talk about the powerful message behind the video.

Watch Jonah’s video “The Bully” in the player below: