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Stephanie Pearson – Davis reported problems with classmates at her daughter’s school in Frankfort years ago, however it would take months for administrators to agree to switch the 3rd graders classroom. She thrived after the change, but Davis says now the students that were bullying her daughter are back in her classroom and she’s hired a lawyer.

Dr. Angela Nelson – Searcy, author of “Push Past It! A Positive Approach to Challenging Classroom Behaviors” shared these tips and resources for families dealing with bullying at school.

Keep Emotions under Control

Avoid assigning blame, write your key ideas down so you can stay focused and objective.

Come prepared Know your rights

Know the bullying policy at your child’s school View  and the Illinois state board of education to understand what laws your state has put in place for your school at ISBE.NET here

Schools in IL are required to have a clear definition of bullying along with clear and easy to understand bullying procedure, have a easy system to report bullying incidents and have preventions put in place such as a research based social and emotional curriculum to prevent bullying.

Keep detailed records

Include data and time of incident, people involved and your child’s account of incident.

Also keep detailed record of school communication such as date of contact, professionals, response, any reports being filled, action being taken you may want to take photos of any physical evidence and record your child’s account of incident.

Know who to contact if you are not getting a adequate response: