South Bend native Dean Norris talks about his role on Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and brewing beer

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Best known for his role as Hank Schrader in the hit TV series Breaking Bad, Dean Norris is an award-winning actor with over 160 film and TV credits to his name.  As an avid craft beer aficionado and home-brewer, Dean’s longtime dream has been to bring Schraderbräu out of Hank’s garage and into your fridge.

Originally featured on AMC’s record-breaking TV show, Breaking Bad, Schraderbräu is the mythical homebrew beer made by Walter White’s DEA agent brother-in-law, Hank Shrader. Through a partnership with Sony Pictures, Dean Norris has made the iconic Schraderbräu a reality by producing his silky smooth German Lager for Breaking Bad fans and craft beer enthusiasts to enjoy. Hank’s special Märzen is the only officially licensed Breaking Bad beer to ever be released, backed by the full support of the Sony Publicity and Marketing teams. Schraderbräu fans have been thirsty ever since Maxim and Esquire first announced its existence, and customer awareness will grow immensely from the hype surrounding the upcoming, highly anticipated, Breaking Bad movie and vast social media presence of the Breaking Bad cast.


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