Satanic Temple co-founder in support of After School Satan Clubs

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After school clubs focusing on Satan could be coming to elementary schools. A group called the Satanic Temple is involved in a fight over freedom of speech and religion in public schools across the country.

Lucien Greaves, co-founder and spokesman for the Satanic Temple, spoke with WGN Morning News live via Skype Wednesday.

Greaves runs this group from Massachusetts. He explained the group has applied to nine different school districts in the area.

“Nobody has said yes and nobody has said no, but they have acknowledged our request,” Greaves said.

Greaves also said the Liberty Council has offered pro-Bono support to the districts that might want to fight the group’s “intrusion” into their schools. He describes the Liberty Council’s act as “hypocritical.”

Greaves said there is a misunderstanding about Satanism, and that the kind of confusion people suffer is not a bad thing. He feels schools should revise what we think about outside groups when they are presenting their curriculum to kids in public schools.

“We could be everything people think we are,” he said. “We could be as disgraceful as people think we are, as homicidal as people think we are. Currently, the standards in the school wouldn’t keep us out anyway.”

“The standards wouldn’t keep out the Hitler Youth or an ISIS group from doing an after school group,” Graves said. “Hopefully if they worry about the content of our beliefs, which again I will say have nothing to do with being homicidal or cruel, they [the group’s beliefs] do focus on empathy and compassion.”


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