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The Amazing Acro-CatsThe Amazing Acro-Cats
Now thru June 12
Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N. Lincoln Ave.

The Amazing Acro Cats, are a traveling troupe of trained cats. Yes – real cats! You might have seen them recently in episode two of Netflix’s “Cat People.” Their one-of a kind, purrformance features talented domestic house cats, all former orphans, rescues and strays, jumping through hoops, riding a skateboard, balancing on yoga balls, and more! 

The show finale is the only all-cat band in the world: Tuna and the Rock Cats! See St. Claude on guitar, Bowie on drums, and Nue on keyboard, with Tuna on cowbell. New band members include Sookie on chimes, Buggles on trumpet, Oz on sax, and Roux on clarinet. There’s even a chicken named Cluck Norris on tambourine! 

Training animals at a young age, Chief Executive Human (CEH) Samantha Martin always knew she wanted to work with animals. Samantha uses clicker training, a technique involving only positive reinforcement. Her goal is to entertain audiences while teaching the value of feline enrichment.
Samantha and her assistants tour the U.S. in their catified bus with 16 cats, two rats, one chicken, and often a litter of foster kittens. They have found homes for 300 foster kittens. Rock Cats Rescue, the AcroCats’ parent company, is a 501c3 nonprofit focused on saving cats “One Click at a Time” through cat welfare, rescue, and adoption.