Ron Shipp recalls the OJ Simpson trial

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Ron Shipp is a former Los Angeles Police officer who is known for his friendship with OJ Simpson and his involvement in the OJ Simpson’s trial. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Shipp played for the USC football team in 1972, where he met Simpson. Shipp developed a friendship with OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson, and ultimately testified in the OJ Simpson trial. During his years of friendship with the couple, Shipp had personal conversations with both Brown and Simpson, each telling him things in confidence that ended up being crucial to the “Trial of the Century.”

Twenty five years after the acquittal of OJ Simpson in the so-called ‘Trial of the Century’, OJ & Nicole: An American Tragedy explores the inside story of the tumultuous relationship between OJ Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. The film features Nicole’s youngest sister, Tanya Brown. Through the Brown family’s never-before-seen photos and videos, and the diaries and notes Nicole left behind, Tanya tells Nicole’s story. With exclusive reflections from friends of the couple, attorneys, law enforcement and journalists, those close to Nicole and the case explore her relationship with OJ and the events leading up to her tragic murder in Brentwood in 1994, culminating in America’s most infamous investigation and trial.


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