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CHICAGO — Congressman Adam Kinzinger joined WGN Morning News Tuesday to discuss everything from Trump, the Republican Party, the race for presidency and the soldier who was recently killed by ISIS in Iraq.

Kinzinger, who represents Illinois’ 16th District, told WGN that while he is a Republican, he does not fully support Trump. As more people in the GOP establishment get behind Trump, Kinzinger says he will not be one of those supporters unless Trump changes his “tone.”

“I put my country before my party. So, I have to evaluate based on what he says and some of the things I’ve heard from Donald Trump frighten me when it comes to international policy and just his tone,” Kinzinger said. “In essence, making fun of Carly Fiorina falling off the stage — it’s really not elevating the job of the presidency. So it will be a decision. I’m not a ‘never Trump’ guy, but he really needs to change his tone if I’m ever going to support him.”

Kinzinger also talked about the soldier who was recently killed in Iraq by ISIS and explained that the ISIS problem is “not an issue that is going to burn out” and it will “only spread.”

“It’s going to take frankly our moderate Muslim Arab partners in the middle east that are going to help us do this,” Kinzinger said. “And when you make comments about banning them all from the country, it doesn’t help build those coalitions.”