R.T. Stokes discusses ‘The Relentless Rise’

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R.T. Stokes is a Navy veteran who is changing lives with his new inspirational book, “The Relentless Rise.” In it, he shares a  powerful message about overcoming adversity.

Stokes had just received his brand-new Naval uniform and was returning home from boot camp when he was broadsided by a suspect speeding in a stolen vehicle and nearly killed, leaving him with temporary amnesia. Only a few months later, he was forced to process this tragedy in one of the most unlikely of places: deep in the ocean on a Naval submarine.

Serving on that cramped submarine so quickly after his crash forced Stokes to slow down, think about how he was living his life, and identify what he truly wanted out of it. It was on that ship he realized that the key principles of submarine operations that enabled vessels to overcome the great physical pressure of being underwater were also principles we could use in our daily lives as we work to overcome adversity, and fight to bring our best selves to the surface every day.

In “The Relentless Rise,” Stokes shares those life-changing principles. He provides readers with tips and methods to help examine what is really happening beneath the surface of their own selves to better understand who they really are, what they are capable of, and what challenges they need to overcome in the pursuit of their own Relentless Rise.

For more information about Stokes and to purchase his book, visit rtstokes.com. His app, The Purpose Bound Playbook, is also available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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