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Talk to Mike Byster for 10 minutes and he will change the way you think about learning forever. With his contagious enthusiasm and passion for math and memory, he will prove that not only are you able to expand your mind, but you will have fun doing so. With one of the fastest mathematical minds on the planet, Mike receives thousands of calls each year from schools requesting him to visit and share his knowledge. He has visited over 16,000 classrooms, nursing homes, and businesses worldwide, and he does so for free.

Watching Mike do huge math equations in his head—even faster than a calculator—is extraordinary. To see kids do exactly the same thing is life changing. But Mike was not born a genius. He broke learning skills down into simple easy to follow steps, which are not taught in schools. Skills that every student needs for success. In doing so, he wants to empower individuals to be able to reach their full potential.