Nat Geo host gives insight on ‘homewrecking penguin’ love triangle

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A video of the “homewrecking penguin” went viral due to its soap opera type story and the brutality of the fighting between rival penguins.

Today, David Mizejewski a naturalist with “The National Wildlife Federation” and Nat Geo “Wild” host joined WGN Morning News via Skype to talk about what actually happened in the video.

Mizejewski said the narration added to the video was fun and entertaining  but he would stop short of calling them husband and wife because those are terms used to describe a human relationship.

“There are species like penguins that do mate for life,” he said. “That doesn’t mean that same thing as it does for people.”

He explained how animals view the notation of mating for life and why the female chose home wrecker over.

“These animals do pair off because evolutionary their babies are more likely to survive with having the care of both parents,” he said. “That doesn’t mean stuff doesn’t get shaken up, at the end of the day these animals have a strong drive to reproduce. In the case of this female penguin she obviously picked the male she thought was better fit to produce her off spring.”



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