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During WGN Morning News’ daily “Voicemail” segment, where the anchors read and listen to feedback from the viewers, a very interesting video aired. The video was a “love letter” of sorts written and produced by a woman named Michelle who had a message for sports anchor Pat Tomasulo:

Dear Pat Tomasulo,
This love letter is a little different from the rest.
I’d like to marry Jesse Palmer.
I’d like the hang out with Anthony Rizzo.
And I would like you to teach me how to be charming while also kind of being a jerk.
Your ability to add sarcasm and mean humor to your broadcasts while actually making people love you is incredible.
Who else can take photos of Chicago’s beloved Cheryl Scott and mimic them on Instagram, and have people still love you.
And Robin puts up with you every single morning.
And what you did with the Ryan Lochte story, nobody can top that.
I know I can catch you as a comedian performing live, but are you teaching a class about being charming and a jerk at the same time? Because that’s what makes me and everyone else love you.
You let me know Pat Tomasulo.
Love, Michelle.

After lots of chuckles from the anchor team, Tomasulo said,  “I wish it was teachable, but it’s a gift. To be this charmingly negative is not something a lot of people try to imitate, but I am blessed that the good Lord gave me such a negative outlook on life and also a sense of humor. And I thank Him every day for that.”