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CHICAGO — Another day, another flub on Chicago’s WGN Morning News.

During Wednesday’s 9 a.m. newscast, anchor Robin Baumgarten was reading a story about delightfully named towns in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. It was a follow-up to a story WGN aired Tuesday about a Christmas Center in Paradise, Penn.

The first town name up in our list: Lititz. It’s normally pronounced “lih-its,” but that’s not what Robin said. Not even close.

Her pronunciation drew laughs from co-anchors Paul Konrad and Larry Potash, with Larry quickly saying, “That’s not right…”

The producer eventually corrected them, but not before the anchors had a few belly laughs on live TV.

Check out the hilarity in the player above.

Editor’s Note: In the video, a image of Ephrata, Penn., is shown when the town of Blue Ball is discussed. WGN regrets the error.