Watch as little girl lets cow into house, snuggles with it

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A little girl let a cow into the family house, and her adorable explanation was caught on tape in a video that has since gone viral.

The video, titled, “Oops I let the cow in…,” was posted to YouTube earlier this year. It currently has almost 2 million views.

The girl has a back-and-forth with her mother, who is behind the camera. She struggles to explain how the cow got in.

The mother remains skeptical as the girl paces around, exclaiming in true little-kid fashion her reasons for letting the cow in.

But if the girl was ever in danger of getting in trouble, she likely gets out of it: She lies down to snuggle with the cow, to which the mother replies, “Aw, that’s just too sweet.”

“You have no idea how special this is,” the mother adds, laughing.


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