Prankster father pretends to throw his toddler son off balcony

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The one person definitely not laughing at comedian Roman Atwood’s latest prank? His wife.

In a video posted to YouTube, Atwood is playing with his two sons when his wife comes home. His youngest son is dressed up in a Spiderman costume that covers his face. Then, Atwood asks his wife to get him some water so she’ll head back downstairs and they can set up the prank.

His older son takes his little brother into another room and brings out a dummy dressed in the same Spiderman costume. As Atwood’s wife walks up the stairs, he “accidentally” catapults the dummy over the balcony.

Atwood’s wife screams and runs down the stairs only to pull off the Spiderman mask to reveal that it is NOT her son. Suffice to say, she was not pleased.

The video, which was posted Sunday, already has more that 6 million views.


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