Last-minute fashions for New Year’s Eve

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In Your 20’s
Dressy/Model: Lisa Fergus (Sparkle mini + gilded tee + leather jacket)
Leather Jacket by Joe Fresh from JCP $49
Ann Taylor short sleeve blouse $15
Sequin animal print mini MNG by Mango from JCP $40
Total: $105

Casual/Model: Carolyn McNamara (Red cap sleeve blouse + leather pants)
Red Cap Sleeve Blouse – The Limited $44.95
Faux Leather pants – The Limited $69.95
Current Promotion – $25 off
Total: $89.90

In Your 30’s
Dressy/Model: Lauren Nolan (White oxford and JCP dress)
Dress JCP – $70
Model’s own white oxford top (everyone owns at least one)
Clutch purse: $19.99 JCP
Total: $89.99
Casual/Model: Shaheen Khan (Black romper)
Black romper with gold hardware belt from The Limited- $59.99
Green purse: $24.99 JCP
Total: $84.98

In Your 40’s
Dressy/Model: Beth Pearlman (JCP bisou bisou dress)
Bisou Bisou dress from JCP: $49.99
Clutch: JCP $29.99
Total: $79.98

Casual/Model: Stephanie Hsieh (Black Polka dot dress)
Black polka dot dress from Ann Taylor $62.49
Purse: JCP $14.99
Total: $77.48

In Your 50’s
Dressy/Model: Rachel Jensen (Gold Chicos blouse and Limited skirt)
Gold Blouse from Chicos $59.90
Gold printed pencil skirt from The Limited $34.99
Total: $94.89
Casual/Model: Megan Jedlinski – (White blouse black pants)
Chicos white blouse with beading detail $79.00
Black MNG Mango pants from JCP $20
Total: $99.00


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