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NASHVILLE — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee spoke to WGN Morning News Wednesday about his reaction to the gun control controversy following the attack in  Las Vegas.

When asked about banning “bump stocks,” which police confirm the Vegas gunman used to his make semi-automatic weapons fire as rapidly as automatic ones, he said: “What we need to be banning is the hatred that got into this guy’s heart.”

Huckabee does not believe this is the time to be debating gun control.

“I was outraged and stunned that there were politicians who, even before the bodies were cleared from the streets of Las Vegas, were already politicizing this,” he said.

Huckabee called gun control a “secondary issue” that should not be discussed in the aftermath of a tragedy. He prefers that politicians wait until a time when gun control can be argued “with facts, not passion.”

When asked about Trump’s comments in Puerto Rico, Huckabee said they were “spot on,” and Trump’s decision to visit Puerto Rico directly after the Las Vegas shooting, was “a powerful statement to them.”

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