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CHICAGO — Two more women have accused R. Kelly of sexual misconduct.

The women say Kelly brought them on stage at one of his concerts when they were 15 and 16-years old.

The women say they were given drugs and alcohol at an after-party, then taken up to Kelly’s hotel suite. They say he exposed himself, then began touching them.

One woman says Kelly had sex with her, even though she was unable to consent.

Kelly is also facing recent accusations that he is shown on tape having sex with an underage girl. He has denied doing anything illegal.

Michael Avenatti, the attorney representing someone who claims to be an R. Kelly whistleblower, joined WGN Morning News Friday and detailed accusations against the R&B singer and the tape he’s obtained.

“It’s over 40 minutes in length (the tape). It leaves no question as to Mr. Kelly’s guilt. He is visible in the tape. It is absolutely him. The victim is 14-years of age. Both he and the victim refer to her being 14-years of age on at least 10 occasions on the tape,” Avenatti told WGN.

Avenatti said he is “highly confident” this is a break in the case that his victims around the country have been waiting for.

“I am confident the 25-year run of Robert Kelly (R. Kelly) sexually abusing and assaulting young girls is about to come to an end, finally.”

Avenatti told WGN two additional tapes, as well as additional evidence, have been located related to Kelly and his enablers in connection to his 2008 trial.

“Effectively, what they did was they rigged the trial in 2008 to assure Mr. Kelly’s acquittal. Again, I am highly confident that this tape, and the evidence we provided, is the major break in the case that so many victims have been waiting for,” Avenatti said.

Avenatti plans to hold a press conference Friday afternoon to discuss new developments in the case.

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