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Marcus Leshock didn’t think he’d ever be on television…

He applied with WGN-TV’s sister station CLTV to be a video editor. But the boss talked him into taking an on air position. Now he’s the Trending News Anchor on the WGN Morning News. He’s also the Roller Coaster Bureau Chief for the old number nine….

And now – some say it’s his greatest achievement – Marcus Leshock is the next guest on the World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast.

In Episode 10, Marcus teaches Brian and Ross a valuable lesson as he walks us through the salary negotiation process of his first job in television. He also breaks down a confusing moment he shared with Lourdes Duarte when they appeared on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

Oh yeah, and he also tells us about the time he got Sly Stallone to apologize for Rocky V.

And you guessed it… we talk all about roller coasters.

Where can you listen to the latest episode of the podcast? We’ll tell you where….

Catch the tenth episode of WGNTVP in the player above… or download it anywhere you get your podcasts.