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Morning show producer Jeff Hoover was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in high school, so what the heck happened?

Find out!…. in Episode 13 of everyone’s favorite podcast… the World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast.

(We’re kidding by the way. Jeff is very successful!)

In this hot new episode, Hoover tells us about how he got his start in broadcasting – on the radio with Johnny B – and how he turned that into a job on the WGN Morning News.

He also gives us the backstory (with Larry Potash) on some of your favorite morning show characters…. including Wink Winkle, Brad the Robot, Chantal the cat, even Indiana’s favorite, Cletus T. Hognut.

Jeff tells us about the best guests he ever booked…. and even the ones he didn’t like so much.

Then there’s the story about the time he showed up a little too early for Larry Potash’s Christmas party….

Oh, and that one time he told former Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster he loved him.

A lot to unpack here folks, so sit back, relax, and listen to the thirteenth episode of WGNTVP in the player above… or download it anywhere you get your podcasts.