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For the first time ever, the Old Number Nine is launching a podcast. The World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast is brought to you by morning show producers Brian Seay and Ross McAbee.

For the first episode, Brian makes a HUGE announcement, while Ross walks us through one of his terrific (but also terrifying) tennis tips. We listen to some music from Chicago’s Very Own rapping teacher Dwayne Reed. And Brian sits down with retiring WGN Special Projects Producer Pam Grimes on her last day. Pam tells us about the time Tom Skilling put his life in her hands. It’s a crazy story. Oh yeah, and we listen to some viewer voicemails. Somebody send this link to Pete, from Cicero!

You can listen to the revolutionary new podcast in the player above.

To watch the video for “My Teacher Loves Me,” click here.

You can listen to the first episode of the revolutionary new podcast in the player above…or anywhere you get your podcasts.