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Ana Belaval has tremendous admiration for pop singer, and Puerto Rican native, Ricky Martin. That’s why she had a meltdown on live television that time she got to talk to him…

“That was one of the highlights of my career,” she said, when she sat down with World’s Greatest Newspaper Television Podcast hosts Brian Seay and Ross McAbee.

“It is not a sexual attraction, although he is hot,” she said. “It is more admiration. It is more like ‘this dude does what a lot of us are trying to do…’ which is live an honest life, and make sure that his culture and his pride for who he is and his island – he walks around with it, he wears it proudly.”

“And again, he’s hot,” she said.

Ana tells us who her favorite personality is on the WGN Morning News. (Hint: he was a recent guest on the podcast.)

“I know what we have,” she said.

Belaval talks about what it means to represent Puerto Rico, why she’s always texting her plumber about sealant, and what she has in her trunk.

Oh, and you won’t want to miss her dolphin sounds.

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