Linda Ronstadt Documentary shares great insight into Rock legend’s historic career

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Linda Ronstadt’s last concert appearance was in 2009. She was sidelined with Parkinson’s Disease that left her unable to sing. During her amazing recording career she sold in excess of 100 million albums…  including  19 Gold, 14 Platinum and 7 Multi-Platinum albums. The excellent new documentary “Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice’ examines her life and explores her musical mega-achievements. Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the film “will make you fall in love with [Linda] all over again” and that it “will delight the singer’s old fans and likely make her many new ones as well.” Pete Hammond of Deadline wrote that it “expertly captures why Ronstadt was such a unique performer — a voice that could lend itself to any form of music she tried” and that the “performance footage that will knock your socks off and likely sell millions more albums from her vast catalog.” Owen Gleiberman of Variety wrote, “Ronstadt’s voice yearns and crests with a freedom that never forgets its pain. She breaks your heart and heals it at the same time.”


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