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We are a nonprofit organization run by Chicago high school students that aims to use the arts as a platform to engage members of the Chicagoland community. Art in all its forms has the power to connect us and lift our hearts and minds. In youth, art helps foster creative thinking, boosts self-esteem and establishes a sense of accomplishment. In adult populations, art can prevent cognitive decline by improving memory, reasoning and resilience. Regardless of age, participating in art activities helps calm our active minds and enhance our introspective adventures.​

Our mission is to use the arts to connect with residents of assisted living homes and others who feel isolated from their family or friends. Uplifting spirits by fostering empathetic relationships between compassionate students and isolated residents can help us all bridge social gaps brought on by quarantines and other circumstances.  The pleasant sound of a musical instrument, a ray of color from vibrant paint, a chuckle from a well played game or a simple chat may be enough to shake away the loneliness many feel in difficult times.