Leslie Jordan talks about his one man show “Exposed” and his new series “The Cool Kids”

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Jordan, an Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian, is best known for his standout roles in “Sordid Lives,” “American Horror Story,” “The Help” and as Beverly Leslie on NBC’s  hit series, “Will & Grace.”  He is also now playing a leading role in the new comedy series, “The Cool Kids” on FOX.

“We are thrilled to continue to expand the offerings at Chicago Theater Works,” says Bill Collins, General Manager of the venue.  “Leslie Jordan’s personal and hilarious stories will have guests captivated from the moment he walks onstage.  And the charming surroundings of Chicago Theater Works makes the experience all the more intimate.”

Mr. Jordan has been entertaining guests for over four decades.  In EXPOSED, Leslie invites his audience behind-the-scenes of his childhood and career.  His memoirs include his life experience as a flamboyant youth raised as a Southern Baptist as well as his treasured anecdotes from his renowned stage and television performances.  His show is laughter-inducing but at times also comes with a hint tears.

Leslie Jordan is one of the most consistently recognizable faces in popular entertainment. His journey towards stardom has provided one of the quirkier, impressive, and varied career trajectories of the past few decades.
His arrival in Hollywood back in 1982 (with $1500 sewn into his clothing by his steel magnolia Mother) was the starting point. After a brief career as a jockey, Jordan has enjoyed the full show-business spectrum; the lean days, the bumps in the road, the acclaim, reaching the pinnacle of television performing with award recognition, the ensuing victory laps, followed by an alarming and unexpected down slope, the dangers of being type cast or stereotyped, the challenges to remain “current” and “relevant” in a rapidly changing world of technological advancement, and the ever present threat of being put “out to pasture” by a youth obsessed culture and industry.
Through it all, Leslie Jordan has remained constant, relevant and – above all – funny! His ability to take it all in stride has kept him moving onward, upward and forward!
Leslie Jordan is the prestigious Emmy Award winner in 2006 for “Will & Grace”. He has enjoyed rapturous reviews for his original stage plays (“My Trip down the Pink Carpet”, “Stories I can’t tell Mama”, “Fruit Fly”), and supporting presence in one of Hollywood’s most prestigious, message-minded films of the last decade (“The Help”, 2012).
He’s been singled out with great notices for his off-Broadway musical theatre debut in 2011 (“The Lucky Guy”). His defining role as “Brother Boy” in the cult film sensation “Sordid Lives” evolved into a well received prequel on the Logo Channel. As the celebrated author and star of his own HBO Special (“Pink Carpet”); Leslie Jordan remains consistently sought after as a Guest Star on every imaginable form of episodic, comedic television (TV Land’s “The Ex’es”, Fox’s “Raising Hope”, Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up!”, and ABC’s “The Neighbors”. He enjoyed a star turn in the third season of FX’s instant classic “American Horror Story” opposite Hollywood heavyweights Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson and Francis Conroy.
Additionally, he recently appeared as a cast member/house occupant in the smash reality competition “Celebrity Big Brother UK”.
In 2017, Leslie Jordan again sparred with his lovable nemesis “Karen Walker” as a guest actor in the triumphant return of NBC’s “Will & Grace”, and is currently in Spain, filming Season 2 of “Living the Dream” for SkyTV/UK. In 2018, FOX Television announced that Leslie Jordan will star alongside comedy heavyweights Martin Mull, Vicki Lawrence, and David Alan Grier in the new comedy series “The Cool Kids”, set to premiere on FOX in the Fall of 2018..


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