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CHICAGO — Sarah Potter was always amazed by her husband Scott’s creativity.

He was hard at work on a documentary film about a rare illness that affects young children called Acute Flaccid Myelitis, or AFM. During production, Scott was diagnosed with his own condition — pancreatitis. It turned out to be a very severe case and he ended up passing away at just 36 years old.

Sarah is now setting out to finish Scott’s documentary about AFM. She had been working as a speech pathologist, so this is a completely new path for her. They’re calling the movie “When The Lotus Blooms: A Story Of Acute Survival.” It will focus on Scott’s work and the families struggling with an AFM diagnosis, as well as Sarah’s own journey with Scott’s illness and his sudden passing.

WGN talked with Sarah about the project and what it means to be honoring her husband’s legacy through the documentary.

They have launched a Kickstarter to help fund the production. You can find all of the information about the project and make a donation at