NCAA Tourney: Play the Leshock Value Bracket Challenge!

Leshock Value
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Selection Sunday: The day I wish I paid more attention to regular season college basketball.

I realize you are already in 500 bracket challenges with friends, co-workers and worst enemies. I know you are ALREADY tired of your buddy calling you up to say I GOT GEORGETOWN IN DA FINAL. But hear me out….

It’s time to get into one more FREE bracket challenge with absolutely no prizes and only bragging rights on the line.

Why, you ask?! Because it’s MY bracket challenge!

That’s right! You can compete against ME! In case that’s not enough (of course I realize it isn’t), I’ve convinced Mark Suppelsa and Lourdes Duarte to play as well. And as special incentive, I will give a special shout out to the winner in one of my segments. That’s right – your name on the WGN News at Five! As Jeff Hoover says every time he walks past my desk – WOWEEEE!

But seriously, if you’d like to join, feel free and tell your friends. I thought it would be a good way to have fun with some of our viewers. It’s through Yahoo – here’s the login info for the group..

CLICK HERE to go to the registration page

Group #: 141467

Password: leshock

Also on tonight’s WGN News at Five, we discussed some spots around town that are having specials during the tournament. They all came from a great list compiled from our friends over at RedEye and Metromix. You can read their complete list/story HERE.


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