MealPal connects workers with quick and cheap lunch from local restaurants

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Chicago — There are two types of people at work: those who bring their own lunch and those who don’t.

And while buying a midday meal every day can be expensive, the founders of MealPal are offering a way to satisfy both types of workers: lunches made at local restaurants for just $6 a day.

The subscription meal service just launched in Chicago, and for about $119 a month (or about $6 a day comes), members log on to the MealPal website to choose from meals made by local restaurants in the site’s network. Then they can skip the line, quickly pick up their meal, and maybe even return to their desk to eat there.

The website also has an automated bot called “Pal” that asks for restaurant ratings and then recommends similar meals available in the website’s network.

About 75 Chicago restaurants are currently participating, mostly based in the downtown and River North area. The founders of MealPal say they’re trying to appeal to young urban professionals.



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